Who is Artichoke?

I am Art "Artichoke" Alvarez, 40 plus year traditional/digital artist, currently residing in Southern California by way of Portland, Oregon.

No matter where I lived or time in history I lived through, creating artwork for others and myself has seen me through it all; this is why I created ArtichokeUSA.

From open minded designs to your business needs, I want to be your guy when it comes to custom art and printing needs.

I keep my pricing lower than most however, in these "new days" of ours I still need to eat and feed my dog. Feel free to get estimates from other graphic artists and printers for your project then contact me with the prices and I should be able to give you a way better deal.

What makes me different from most is that I do all the artwork and printing myself. This means I can offer you one price to design and print your product versus print shops who require minimums, set up fees, and limits to the amount of colors for the design.

When you are ready or if you know someone who needs custom artwork and printing, please share, tag, and or book an appointment to get started.

Thank you for your support.